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Screen Anytime is software designed to automatically record screen activities of whole user sessions or /RDP/Citrix/RemoteApp sessions of PC/Server/VM/Kiosk into video log files for documenting, auditing and monitoring purposes. By replaying its  highly compressed video, you can easily review any past moment of a single computer or a group of servers/Pcs. Centralized management and real-time  monitoring are also included.

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How it works? After installation, Screen Anytime will place a shortcut of the recorder into the Start group of Windows. When a Windows session begins, whether login is from a local or remote desktop, the recorder will run until the end of the session. During the session, the recorder will continually write the data to the log file in the specified folder. Administrators can run Screen Anytime to manage, review and search the session. [demo video]


Record, List and Replay

The video logs of the computer includes all screen changes, mouse movements as well as audio and application title changes. Managers and administrators can search for a log utilising the Screen Anytime main program by time, user etc. and playback the content easily and efficiently. For important clips, self-play EXE AVI or MP4 formats are supported for exporting. by searching a substring of the application title a particular moment can be found quickly.

Support Multi-Users and Diffrent Log-In

Screen Anytime software supports a multi-user system so that video logs can be recorded separately when there is more than one user logged-in at the same time. If the user logs-in through RDP/TS/Citrix/VNC/RemoteApp or some other remote controlling system, operations are recorded as well as log-ins from the local when it is a desktop. This feature is particularly important for recording on servers.  

Distributed or Centralized of Log Files

In default, the video logs are saved and managed at the local server but it may also be set as the synchronisation to the service to receive centralised management. Each service with the Screen Anytime Server Edition installed can accept synchronised requests from another 64 terminals at the same time. The server is not limited to the same local network.
[network structure

High Compressibility and Efficiency

Based on the advanced screen video compression of SSCV3 (Stepok Screen Codec v3), Screen Anytime eliminates any concerns about the size of long term recording. For 50 computers, operating 8 hours per day, an IT disk can easily save 6 months of logs as an average. As an Intel partner, our codec has been fully optimised. On an ordinary dual-core service, recording a 1024x768 RDP session can only take less than 1% of CPU resources. For workstations 1680x1050 desktop, CPU will not exceed 5% of running without notice.

Real-time Monitoring and Online Visit

The distributable real-time monitoring tool allows administrators to view the current running screen activities of any remote terminals  with short delaying.

In addition, the Server Edition includes a built-in http service to allow managers to login with a browser from a remote computer. The online web version provides full function management, searching and replay functions.It also support minutes level delaying online monitoring.[demo1][demo2]

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Monitoring employee's productivity easily. The 'Performance Report' function allows administrators to see a pie-chart showing exactly how much time is spent on tasks - for work and for fun and entertainment. The reports can be set to generate weekly, monthly or manually reports and can be easily viewed in HTML format online.
[an example report]

Privacy Considered

Screen Anytime will not record keyboard messages and will not run without control. Protective systems are in place in order to prevent non-administrators from viewing and stopping the recordings.

Privacy settings are provided. It can be set to run with concents or run in silent.

Easy Config and Integrated

The conditioning software of Screen Anytime will allow recordings on specific times, users and applications.

Screen Anytime has SDK to undertake advanced customising work such as gaining internal data, storing to your database and controlling of the recordings.

Note: SDK is valid for registered Server Edition users only. It is not inluded in standard supports pack.

  Server Edition Workstation Edition Simple Edition
System Windows and Windows server
Record,replay,upload Yes Yes Yes(Need install player)
 Management by timeline Yes Yes No
Searching moments Yes Yes No
Record specified user Yes No Config by adminisrtator
Record specified time Yes Yes Config by adminisrtator
Record specified application Yes Yes Config by adminisrtator
Open from backup Yes No No
Act as central server Yes No No
Realtime monitoring Yes No No
HTTP service Yes No No
Statistic and reports Yes Yes No
Wall of screens Yes No No
Price for 1 Unit 599 USD 199 USD 99 USD
Over 1 units Volume discount avaliable, Please contact us for free quotation over 1 units.
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If you want to try, please try workstation edition.


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Typical Usage
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Recent Update

v6.5 Mar 2024

  • New designed 'Realtime monitoring' modules with new network structure that the administrator and the target can be in different local network

    More functions based on this new module can be expected in future versions including 'remote controlling'.
System Requirements
  • Server Edition: Windows Server 2008 and above. (server 2003 partially support)
    Workstation Edition: Windows 7/8/10.
  • Recommend - Two or more rocessors/double core CPU, 512M or more RAM.
  • Recommend - At least 10GB or more free disk space.
License and Policy

The product licencing is per computer and shall include Servers, PC/Workstations and Virtual PC/Servers. One licence will install one full-version copy on one computer.

One licence and copy of the software will record activities that take place on installed computer only via local login or remote access (RDP, VNC etc.). The licence will not limit how many users are able to login and work on this computer, neither at the same time or separately.

When you build a Screen Anytime network by connecting clients to  a Server Edition, you will require a licence for the server and then licences for the number of copies of Screen Anytime acting as clients.

The license payment is a one time payment. (Not a subscription)

The license includes 3 years support and free upgrades. After 3 years, you can continue to use the license without support.